Russian daredevil films death-defying ‘spiderman’ crane swing over Moscow (VIDEO)

Russian daredevil films death-defying ‘spiderman’ crane swing over Moscow (VIDEO)
A jaw dropping video has emerged of a Russian stuntman performing a death defying “spiderman” style swing from a crane in Moscow.

Daring adventurer Serge Devlyashov from Tyumen filmed his stomach-churning crane jump from a number of different angles, adding fresh drama to his collection of already impressive stunt videos.

The video shows Devlyashov make an impressive backflip off the crane while attached to a rope, before swinging around and taking in breathtaking views of the city below as the sun sets.

The adrenaline junkie works in the Tyumen Regional Emergency Response Service, according to his Facebook page. He has a portfolio of videos demonstrating his parkour and rooftop conquests posted on Instagram.

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Devlyashov is not the only daredevil competing for the title of “Russian spiderman,” however.

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Photographer and stuntman Kirill Oreshkin was previously dubbed the “Russian Spiderman” for his impressive shots, including selfies taken from dizzying heights.