Rockets, rock climbing, & rap: China’s military recruitment video storms the web

Rockets, rock climbing, & rap: China’s military recruitment video storms the web
China has gifted us with the ultimate hip-hop gun show in a new video aimed at recruiting young blood into the military. Get ready to be entertained.

"There are always missions in soldiers' minds, enemies in their eyes, responsibilities on their shoulders, and passions in their hearts. There could be a war at any time. Are you ready for that?" a voiceover says in Chinese.

And yes, the people in the video appear to be very ready for that, kicking some serious ‘pigu’ with the help of hardcore military hardware.

Tanks? You betcha!

Guns? Loads.

Rockets? Infinite.

To top it all off, the video’s soundtrack features Battle Declaration, a Chinese hip hop track that pumps anyone up even if they can’t understand the lyrics.

The video is part of a new campaign to attract recruits into the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and hopes to show that the PLA is “no longer the poorly equipped one that they saw from TV dramas, but a powerful force as modernized as the United States military.”

The visuals are nothing new to PLA recruitment campaigns, but the choice of music is a huge departure from the usually lyricless orchestrated selection.

"Roar with animal spirit, from the center to the border. Let’s go to war, let’s fight to win!" yells the singer to chants of "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Compared to China’s efforts, this US one looks like a Facebook memories video from a camping trip.

As for Japan, it looks like a pleasant weekend away with the family.

Judging by this Swedish video, all their army does is get locked in IKEA with a pack of angry dogs.

And then of course there’s the most effective military recruitment video of all time - attracting millions of loyal soldiers to the Apple Army.

Let’s hope someday all military recruitment ads will look like this.