Biker ditches motorcycle mid-traffic to catch bag snatcher (VIDEO)

©  Kostya Shevchuk
Watch this motorcyclist jump off his bike mid-traffic to run after a robber, who stole a bag from a passer-by. Although the biker couldn’t catch the perpetrator, he managed to recover the bag and return it to the owner, a middle-aged woman, who gave him a hearty kiss in return.

This video from Kiev, published last week, is making the rounds online, with some praising the motorcyclist as a hero, while others question the video’s authenticity.

Internet users claim to have found the alleged robber’s profile on social media VKontakte, although the account has since been deleted. 

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The motorcyclist’s identity has also been revealed in one of the comments as Vyacheslav Verkhogliad from Kiev, Ukraine.