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29 Apr, 2016 15:38

Madcap inventor designs bizarre ‘human blender’ hoverbike (VIDEO)

Madcap inventor designs bizarre ‘human blender’ hoverbike (VIDEO)

An amateur backyard inventor has created a functional ‘hoverbike’ that looks alarmingly like a flying blender.

Showing off his home-learned skills, Colin Furze’s latest online video shows him welding together a twin engine flying ‘bike’ with rotating blades he warns could potentially cut him into pieces.

Lengths of metal are shaped in a shed as Furze fashions a frame and footstand for his first dalliance with flight.

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The dual propellers of the hoverbike are based on the Chinook helicopter’s design, he explains, with blades spinning in opposite directions for stable flying.

The finished product actually looks more like a lost prop from the Star Wars films than a homespun glider.

The Briton’s crazy DIY contraptions, such as a homemade rocket launcher, have landed him a regular television spot on the show Britain’s Gadget Geeks.

“I have made a machine on your request,” he tells subscribers to his Youtube channel.

“You want something that flies? I’ve built something with no wheels, no steering, no brakes. It’s got two accelerators [and] it doesn’t even have a seat… Will it get off the ground, will it take my weight?”

Amazingly - and without the luxury of a steering mechanism - Furze manages to avoid a public pulping and flies the crazy homemade machine around an open field.