Car crash propels cops in duty 4x4 into triple flip (VIDEO)

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Two police officers were hospitalized in Russia’s southern city of Belgorod after a car crashed into their patrol vehicle, failing to let them pass at a busy intersection.

A video showing a cinematographic stunt made it online on April 26. It shows a Kia Rio ramming into the side of a moving police wagon at an intersection at full speed, sending the cops into a triple flip.

The crash occurred in the southern Russian city of Belgorod when the Kia driver failed to realize the police wouldn’t stop for a red light, according to local news website

The police car was on duty with signal lights flashing to alert other drivers that it had priority on the road.

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“As a result of the accident, two members of the patrol service were hospitalized with various degrees of injuries,” the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a statement.

It also confirmed that the officers had been responding to an emergency call.