GTA Phoenix: Motorcycle police chase ends in daring getaway (VIDEO)

GTA Phoenix: Motorcycle police chase ends in daring getaway (VIDEO)
A real-life motorcycle police chase straight out of Grand Theft Auto captured in Phoenix, Arizona features an astounding getaway by one suspect who got knocked off his bike.

Khiry Shabazz, who was later arrested, said he ran from the officer for fear of his life.

Video of the incident which happened earlier in the month emerged this week showing a cop grab Shabazz at an intersection in Phoenix, allegedly to detain him on reckless driving charges.

"He grabs my wrist and makes my throttle go, he hit my left hand which is the clutch," Shabazz told the Tucson News.

The bike sped up at the intersection causing Shabazz to be thrown off. He then fled on foot before jumping on another 'crotch rocket' and speeding away, claiming the officer was reaching for his stun gun.

“That cop was willing to risk his life and my life at the middle of the intersection,” Shabazz said.

Police claim they were pursuing Shabazz and other bikers after a group of several hundred taking part in a ride started to drive recklessly and swiped an officer's car.

Shabazz now faces several charges including resisting arrest and set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to pay for his lawyer.

His page’s statement reads: “I have a great Criminal Defense attorney lined up and as we all know they aren't cheap, along with losing both of my jobs. I was originally faced with four charges of which two were dropped and my first court date is May 2. So what I'm asking is for anyone that can to please donate, any amount is appreciated.”

So far the page has raised $25 from a targeted $6,000.

GoFundMe hasn’t been kind to Phoenix motorcycle enthusiasts with a Hells Angel member also seeing his target fall short.

Dean “Dinger” Bell was hoping to raise between $100,000 and $125,000 to bring a case against a former employer who dismissed several members of the notorious biker gang allegedly due to their membership. So far the fund has raised just $10,000.