Classic ‘disappearing’ ladder trick pulled off with aplomb (VIDEO)

Classic ‘disappearing’ ladder trick pulled off with aplomb (VIDEO)
Ladder pranks don’t usually end well, but one man will surely be happy with his efforts after fooling his friend with a ridiculous disappearing ladder trick.

The prank begins with a man climbing up to a rooftop to collect a box of tools.

As he tries to climb back down, his friend sneaks down a side alley and repeatedly removes the ladder.

Each time the stricken man attempts to make it off the roof, he is met with thin air and is unable to get a footing on the top rung.

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Eventually the victim cottons on to the juvenile joke and tries to get his own back by throwing a heavy cardboard box at the prankster.

Luckily, there was no ‘colladderal’ damage as the fleet-footed jokester avoids the improvised projectile.

A similar prank involving a much steeper ‘leap of faith’ from roof to ladder was filmed last year.