Iraq hit by actual tornado after years of bombing by UK Tornado jets

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Iraqis, no strangers to death and destruction brought on by things usually found in Texas, let out a collective “Why does this keep happening to us?” after an actual tornado ripped through the southern city of Maysan.

No one was killed, according to Liveleak, just “material damage” and excellent viral videos.

While this is a rare occurrence in Iraq, the country is well used to the “material damage” and the dead bodies caused by the British government’s Tornado GR4 jets, including a strike this week.

The RAF jets are based in Cyprus and patrol both Iraq and eastern Syria.

The squadron was supposed to be disbanded by now, according to Defense News, but it’s been extended to 2019 due to an aircraft shortage.

Neighboring Turkey experiences actual tornadoes as well including one captured earlier this year.

Iraq invasion veteran Stan Cole got a close-up of this Texas twister last year. Maybe a little too close, telling local TV station KTXS, "Perhaps ten years in Iraq and Afghanistan, my danger meter needs to be recalibrated."