Chainsaw-wielding ‘killer drone’ massacres snowmen, gets defeated by pink balloon (VIDEO)

© mistyfridayfilms
An onslaught by a massive multicopter armed with a chainsaw has left the internet feeling a mixture of impressed, confused and worried, after the latest creation by a group of so-called “crazy Finnish farmers” was showcased on April Fools’ day eve.

The video, which was uploaded by a Finnish video production company called mistyfridayfilms, shows a remote-controlled multirotor drone flying through the air with a chainsaw attached with “#Killerdrone” written on the blade.

The inevitable descent into chaos then follows with no snowman left standing after it cuts through the heads of a few, as well as chopping through icicles and some tree branches.

The drone’s “kryptonite” comes in a rather unexpected form, however – balloons. The video shows the drone crashing to the ground after encountering the pesky latex creations. 

Internet users have been bickering over whether the drone is real or if it’s an April Fools’ Day prank, although the video was uploaded on March 31st and in an interview with the Finnish website, the creators deny it’s fake. 

Others have said, however, that they don’t believe the modification to be real.

Not all are concerned about the authenticity though, seemingly more interested in how such an idea came about.