Easter Rising 100 Years On: Ireland honors lost leaders on Good Friday (VIDEO)

One hundred years in the making, Ireland will honor a century of sacrifice towards its (almost) independence with a number of ceremonies and marches this weekend, starting at the hallowed halls of Kilmainham Gaol with a Lost Leaders march Friday.

The third largest party in the country, Sinn Fein, is organizing the “major rally to celebrate the lives of the executed leaders and role of the Irish diaspora in the Rising.”

Assembling in the shadow of the killing grounds built by the British in 1796 where several 1916 rebels were executed including James Connolly, marchers headed across the famed River Liffey to Arbour Hill, where party leader Gerry Adams addressed the crowd.

RT spoke to the Sinn Fein leader after the event to discuss how far Ireland has come, what still needs to be done, and his thoughts on the Middle East. 

As it was a windy day in Dublin, the sound isn't perfect.