Cat mask fever: Kitty brought back to life by heroic Russian firefighters (VIDEO)

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Firefighters have been rescuing cats ever since Eddie Haskell's dog chased Beaver’s Puff Puff up a tree, but a new viral video of a heroic emergency team in Russia breathing life back into a furry feline with a human oxygen mask is melting hearts everywhere.

The kitty was apparently trapped in a house as it went on fire and needed urgent treatment to counter the affects of smoke inhalation.

Lying prone on the floor, the cat appears close to death, but firefighters hold an oxygen mask over its face for a number of minutes as it gradually comes around.

When the oxygen is first withdrawn, the cuddly pet seems desperate to get its claws back on the good stuff as it struggles to reclaim to mask. However, it soon calms down and becomes more intent on playfully chewing the plastic.

All the while, a simultaneously distraught and relieved elderly lady, apparently the owner, looks on and comforts the cat.

One life down. Eight to go.