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17 Mar, 2016 14:27

'Behind you!' Clinton asks where Sanders was during healthcare campaign, internet answers with pics

'Behind you!' Clinton asks where Sanders was during healthcare campaign, internet answers with pics

Political mud-slinging was easier in the days before the internet, as Hillary Clinton is learning the hard way. After asking where Bernie Sanders was while she was campaigning for healthcare reform in the ’90s, the internet kindly answered her query.

It all began during the most recent political debate, when Clinton mocked her opponent for his campaign promise to implement a single-payer healthcare system.

“I don't know…where was he when I was trying to get health care in '93 and '94?” she asked, implying that he has not always been such a supporter of the issue.

But the answer to Sanders' whereabouts was actually quite obvious – he was “literally standing right behind her.”

That revelation was first provided by Sanders spokesman Mike Casca, who tweeted a photo from a 1994 Clinton speech on healthcare reform. As Clinton is speaking, Sanders is clearly standing behind her in support.

However, it didn't stop there – the internet was soon flooded with answers to Clinton's question, including video footage from the speech.

Another piece of evidence was provided in the form of a photo which shows Clinton and Sanders together, along with a handwritten note from Clinton.

Dated 1993, the message under the picture reads: “To Bernie Sanders with thanks for your commitment to real healthcare access for all Americans and best wishes.”

One person on Twitter pointed out that Sanders wasn't always behind her – in fact he was “way ahead of her” when he delivered a similar healthcare speech in 1993, one year before the Clinton speech.

The Democratic candidate's rhetorical question quickly turned into a meme on the internet, with one tweet stating: “I don't know where [Seinfeld creator Larry David] was when I pitched Seinfeld to NBC in '88,” and shows David standing right behind her, in the same position as Sanders.

Here's hoping that Clinton doesn't manage to lose track of Sanders' whereabouts anymore – because just like an elephant, the internet never forgets.