World wipeout: ‘Donald Trump’ leads name choice for deadly parasite game (VIDEO)

Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump. © Carlos Barria
If you could create your own life-destroying bacteria, what would you call it? The obvious answer for many is Donald Trump, according to recent statistics from a mobile game called Plague Inc.

The aim of Plague Inc. is for gamers to create a hypothetical deadly pathogen, spread it across the world, and ultimately annihilate all human life.

Players can also add a personal touch to their plague by naming it. The Republican presidential hopeful’s name was among the most popular chosen recently. Over 200,000 people, in the last month alone, decided to christen their deadly disease Trump.

Plague Inc developer, James Vaughan, says President Barack Obama was a popular plague name choice during the last election.

Many players have successfully destroyed humanity with the Trump virus, in a theoretical timeframe well within the US presidential term of office.

Other gamers, though, have been a bit spooked by their plague name choice…

...although it is possible to find a cure.