Jurassic Parked: T rex stuck in rush hour traffic (VIDEO & PHOTOS)

The life-sized dinosaur was seen being transported through the streets of Bangkok. © ViralHog
Godzilla in Tokyo can take a back seat to the excitement generated by a T rex seen roaring through Bangkok’s notorious traffic this week.

Maybe dinosaurs didn’t become extinct. They’ve just been stuck in traffic for 65 million years.

The 12ft (4 meter) tall animatronic Tyrannosaurus was being transported to a dinosaur theme park opening in the city later this month (see where this story is going yet?).

The robot rex upset a few children, but for the most part, people seemed happy to see him, posing for selfies and taking pictures.

The carnivore's jaws were shut tight with a chain.

What could possibly go wrong?

Once opened, Dinosaur Planet will feature 200 life-size dinosaurs including Apatosaurus, Triceratops, and, wait for it, Velociraptors.


Visitors will be able to ride on the back of some of the dinosaurs.

Let’s hope they have a good insurance policy.

The park opens on March 18. If a white-bearded man with an amber-handled walking stick asks you for a preview tour, maybe wait until they work all the bugs out.