'Only if my other lips say yes': Animated genitals teach the ins and outs of consent

The next Nemos? © Project Consent
Pixar never had a movie like this! A dancing vagina and penis, along with their friends laughing breast and overly-eager hand, are stars of a new Canadian ad campaign about sexual consent.

While defense attorneys, and occasionally publicists, for accused rapists love to complicate the issue, the ads say consent is as simple as yes or no.

Charity Project Consent created the amusing animations to “combat and deconstruct rape culture by raising awareness of the harmful way with which it is regarded in society” and to “advocate a future in which sexual abuse is not trivialized in the world.”

One video shows the dancing vagina and penis grinding against each other until the animated 'honey pot' tells 'John Thomas' that he’s gone too far.

Terry Drummond, the ads’ creator, said research discovered the issue of consent was treated as a complicated one, inspiring them to convey the message in the simplest - and most fun - way possible.

“We feel it’s very watchable and our point of view on consent won’t be part of the greater conversation if nobody watches the videos,” Drummond said.