#WeAreCorbyn trends at No.3 worldwide as Corbynites fight back against anti-Semitic ‘smears’

3 Aug, 2018 11:28 / Updated 5 years ago

The #WeAreCorbyn hashtag reached No.3 worldwide and No.1 in UK Twitter trends on Thursday, as supporters fought back against what they see as anti-Semitic “smears” against Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

It will be seen as a welcome boost for Corbyn, who has been under intense pressure over recent weeks from sections of the mainstream media and the political establishment, including some of his own Labour MPs, on the issue of anti-Semitism.

Labour grassroots activists, MPs and prominent left-wing political commentators all took part in the show of solidarity for Corbyn. Labour leader’s key allies in the shadow cabinet, John McDonnell, Diane Abbott and Angela Rayner were just a selection of Labour MPs to join in the chorus on Thursday evening.

Shadow chancellor and close confidant, McDonnell tweeted that he was “proud to stand in absolute solidarity with my comrade and friend, Jeremy Corbyn.”

Left wing group Jewish Voice for Labour, together with other Jewish voices, demonstrated their support for the opposition leader who has been the target of severe criticism from certain parts of the Jewish community.

Left-wing Guardian journalist, Owen Jones used the #WeAreCorbyn hashtag to claim UK Labour’s sister parties in Europe were in turmoil due to being “wedded to a discredited establishment politics” and that “only a radical alternative can beat right wing populism and fascism – that’s what Corbynism represents.”

It comes as the Independent reports that Corbyn has reached out to the Jewish Museum in London to give a speech to address the current anti-Semitism “crisis” within his party.

It's understood the Jewish Museum has, so far, refused to agree to the Labour leader’s request. The paper reports that the chief executive of the Jewish Museum described the situation as “delicate,” adding she didn’t want to agree to anything that “will make things worse.”

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