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Sputnik V news

Sputnik V
Follow RT to read articles on Sputnik V, including breaking news and the latest updates. Sputnik V is the world’s first officially registered vaccine against Covid-19, go to RT for more information on the coronavirus pandemic and current statistics. Visit RT for actual news and information on Sputnik V. Despite certain controversies that occurred during the vaccine’s development, it was successfully registered on August 11 2020 by the Russian Health Ministry – read more on RT and get all the details. The name ‘Sputnik V’ refers to the first space probe that was launched by the USSR in 1957, marking a breakthrough in space exploration. Stay with RT for updates on coronavirus treatment in Russia, as well on Sputnik V’s tests, including the first volunteers being vaccinated, and more. Don’t miss media coverage and opinions from world authorities on the Sputnik V vaccine, experts’ and analysts’ views, and stories on the Covid-19 pandemic in general on RT.