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Robinhood news

Turn to RT to read stories on Robinhood, including breaking news and latest updates. Robinhood is an online brokerage company – stay with RT for news on the stock market. Robinhood started trending on the news worldwide after the shares of GameStop – an American retailer popular among gamers, selling consoles and electronics – grew over 1,800 percent. Check out RT to find out how the events unfolded. The sudden increase was a result of Reddit users’ cooperation – read more details on RT. Robinhood eventually halted all buys of GameStop, Blackberry, and Nokia stocks. Read about the aftermath of this move on RT. Investors filed a class-action suit against Robinhood after the halt, and Facebook banned its group, which had some 150,000 followers – find updates on that here on RT. Read experts’ and analysts’ opinions on Robinhood and the GameStop craze, as well as on the stock market in general.