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Persian Gulf news

Persian Gulf
Visit RT to read articles on the Persian Gulf, including breaking news and the latest updates. The Persian Gulf is located in Western Asia, extending to the Strait of Hormuz, and is bordered by Iran and seven 'Gulf States’: Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. The Persian Gulf has been involved in numerous controversies due to its strategic importance, the Middle East crisis, and the oil production inIran and the Arab Gulf States; visit RT to stay updated. For example, Iran was accused of blocking a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf by the UK and the US; the news came just a few days after an Iranian oil tanker was seized by the UK off the coast of Gibraltar. The Iranian oil tanker was claimed to be carrying crude oil to Syria – but Iran later denied the allegations. Stay with RT to find out more on the tensions between the US and Iran, and the events in the Persian Gulf related to them. Read articles on the main controversies between the two countries, including the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, and don’t miss the impact of these tensions on international politics and the economy, including oil prices. Stay with RT to read experts’ and analysts’ opinions on the strategic importance of the Persian Gulf, the relations between Iran and other Gulf States, with the US, UK, and other major economies, and oil production in general.