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Oscars news

Follow RT for news on the Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars. Visit RT for viral stories on the Oscars as well as breaking news and the latest updates. Stay with RT for actual information about the Academy Awards and news about the winners and nominees, the annual ceremonies and more. The Oscars are widely discussed on the web, going viral as the ceremony approaches, follow RT to stay updated. In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic shocked the movie industry, as many significant releases were postponed - turn to RT for more. Also in 2020, new rules were created to make the awards more inclusive, including one saying representatives from various demographics had to be involved in the movie production for it to be nominated for ‘best picture’. The decision sparked heated debates among industry professionals and spectators - read RT for more. Don’t miss expert opinions and analysis on the Oscars on RT, as well on other movie news in general.