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Karin Kneissl news

Karin Kneissl
Follow RT for news on European politicians, including Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl. Find news and articles on the background and career of Karin Kneissl. She is a diplomat, journalist and expert on the Middle East. Get news from RT on Karin Kneissl’s comments and political views. She has frequently criticized the EU and its migration policy. In the past, Karin Kneissl also criticized President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, Austrian President Alexander Van der Bellen, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel - mostly on migrant and refugee matters. Read RT to get the news and updates on migrant crisis and Europe and Karin Knessil’s statements on that. Recently Karin Kneissl has had a wedding, where she invited Russian President Vladimir Putin. He brought her flowers and the Kuban Cossack Choir. Get the news from RT on Kneissl’s wedding in August 2018.