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Idlib news

Follow RT for breaking news from war-torn countries, including Syria and its city called Idlib, located in northwestern Syria. It is the capital of the Idlib Governorate, not far from Aleppo Governorate. Get news and articles on the history of Idlib, which dates back to ancient times. Before the Syrian Civil War, the population mainly consisted of Sunni Muslims, however there was also a huge number of Christian citizens. Idlib boasts medieval architecture and traditional heritage. However, during the Syrian Civil War in 2013, the city was captured by terrorist groups. Idlib became the center of fighting, during which a lot of people were killed, and infrastructure and heritage was destroyed. Find news and updates on the past and current situation in Idlib, and Syria in general. Find news on RT.com on the Idlib Governorate military clashes, which took place from January to March, 2017. It was an armed conflict between the groups led by Ahrar Al-Sham and Al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group Jabhat Fatah Al-Sham. Read RT to find the news on participation of other countries, like Russia, the US, Turkey, in the conflict, including negotiations and attempts to resolve the issue. RT was covering breaking news from Idlib and Syria in general during the military actions which took place there. Moreover, get the news and articles on the Russian plane downed in February 2018, where the pilot was killed by so-called Syrian rebels after he ejected.