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Whistleblower news

Get all the latest news on whistleblowers, free-speech activists and more here on RT. Learn more with RT about whistleblowers such as ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden, ex-US Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning, and ex-CIA officer John Kiriakou. Read about how the CIA and its Director Gina Hapsel were put back in their box by whistleblower and former NSA contractor Edward Snowden in a Twitter roast. Read the latest on how the chemical weapons watchdog, the OPCW, points the finger at the Syrian government for the purported 2017 Douma chemical attack on civilians, amid whistleblower scandal. Read more about how whistleblower claims that a US military propaganda contractor in Afghanistan billed the Pentagon $425 million for unaired ads. Get expert analysis and opinion on all the latest stories including on a video showing Australian SAS soldiers killing unarmed Afghan civilians, as well as news on former Australian SAS soldier turned whistleblower Braden Chapman.