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War on terror news

Visit RT to read news on the War on Terror and how US military leaders proposed that it is called the Long War. Do not miss the latest updates on War on Terror news, like, the Saudi pilot with links to an ‘Al-Qaeda operative” who went on a killing spree in a Florida naval base, and more. Check out RT for stories on leaders like US President Donald Trump, Syrian President Bashar Assad. Get news on Al-Qaeda affiliates, anti-ISIS US special envoy for Syria James Jeffrey making a frank confession about his job and US troops in the country and obligations to create a new Vietnam or Afghanistan for Moscow, and more. Stay with RT to be updated on the War on Terror viral news, US President Donald Trump repeatedly rejecting nation-building interventions, his interventions in Afghanistan and Syria, events on the Bush’s administration’s War on Terror including the Iraq war, and more. Read experts’ and analysts’ opinions on the War on Terror news on RT, as well as conflict situations in the world in general.