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Protests in Iran news

Get the latest news on Iran, where widespread protests across the country have escalated into riots in some places, with reports of half a dozen deaths and multiple injuries. Gas prices skyrocketed in Iran following a decision by the Iranian government to cut fuel subsidies and redirect those funds to supporting over 60 million people in need, though the measure wasn’t welcomed as people took to the streets and started protests in several cities – follow RT to be updated on this matter. The authorities of Iran have blamed the US for fueling the unrest, shutting down the internet in response to the protests – go to RT.com for the latest. Anti-establishment demonstrations are popping up all over the world, in countries with different political systems and varying levels of wealth – go to RT.com to read experts’ opinions and analysis on the latest events around the world. The Iranian Fars News Agency has reported that dual Iranian nationals were among those who helped fuel protests against rising gasoline prices that quickly snowballed into violent riots raging through Iran – stay with RT for more.