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Protests in Brazil news

Visit RT to read news on Brazil protests. Do not miss the latest updates on Brazil protests news, and more. Find all the news about Brazil protests. Check out RT for stories on protesters gathered outside the state house in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, holding up signs in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. Get news about supporters of Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro call for protests against coronavirus lockdown. Turn to RT for news on strikes and protests by Brazilian nurses amid the explosion of COVID-19 cases. Check out RT for stories on demonstrators in Brazil protesting against crimes committed by police. Stay with RT to be updated on the leftist president Dilma Rousseff ousted in 2016. Read experts’ and analysts’ opinion on protests in Brazil, home of the world's largest black population outside Africa. Visit RT to find information about Brazil removing then-President Dilma Rousseff from office in 2016. Do not miss the Brazil protests news on RT.