Booty attack: Venezuelan fitness model bitten on bottom by wild pig (VIDEO)

13 Feb, 2019 14:50 / Updated 5 years ago

Venezuelan fitness model Michelle Lewin fell victim to a truly savage beach attack when she was bitten on her bottom by a wild pig during a bikini photo shoot in the Bahamas.

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The 32-year-old fitness influencer was walking on the beach of Big Major Cay island (also known as ‘Pig Beach’), an area inhabited by feral pigs, when the photo shoot went wrong.

The wild pigs, which usually swim in the waters around the island, are known for attracting hundreds of tourists wanting to take their pictures with the animals.

However, Lewin’s encounter with representatives of the local fauna turned sour when a wild boar decided to get a mouthful of her pert derriere.

The fitness model, who was surrounded by a herd of wild pigs, turned her back to the animals as she strolled along the beach. Suddenly, a huge boar ran up to Lewin, biting her right on the rump, causing her to shriek in horror.

Lewin shared a clip of the incident on Instagram, gaining over 5 million views within one day.

The model shares fitness and nutrition recommendations on social media, inspiring her followers to build perfectly-shaped bodies.