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New business formats to be discussed at 'Made in Russia’ International Export Forum

New business formats to be discussed at 'Made in Russia’ International Export Forum
On December 9, Moscow will host 'Made in Russia’ International Export Forum.

Organized by the Russian Export Center (REC), the forum has grown to be one of Russia’s major business platforms where domestic producers and manufacturers discuss export strategies and challenges with state actors and industry experts. In 2020, the forum will focus on the New Decade’s Challenges.

On December 9, Moscow will host Russian Export Center-organized 'Made in Russia’ International Export Forum. The event will bring together business circles, state actors, banking sector, industry experts, as well as B2B media from Russia and abroad to discuss the exports agenda of the day and of the new decade.

2020 will host the forum in an online format for the first time in history. Video conferencing network will connect speakers and forum centers unrolled across Russia, including the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI), and in some of the overseas REC offices.

Founded in 2012, 'Made in Russia’ forum has grown to be one of Russia’s major business platforms where today, domestic producers and manufacturers will get together to discuss export strategies and challenges within the framework of the national program ‘International Cooperation and Exports’ that was put forward by President Putin as a roadmap towards 2030 goals of increasing Russia’s export volumes coming from sectors outside of energy and natural resources business by at least 70% against the 2020 benchmarks.

In line with this, the forum’s main topic has been defined as the New Decade’s Challenges. Exporters, state actors and industry experts will discuss a number of issues including those related to expanding Russia’s presence on the international market.

“Today’s agenda seems to want us to focus on two main issues. One is, we need specific solutions; and the other is, we need new business formats as soon as possible. That’s what this year’s 'Made in Russia’forum participants will discuss. They’ll look at the administrative hurdles in the workflows that can and need be removed in order to increase Russia’s exports; they'll discuss the use of e-commerce channels for worldwide exports; they'll talk about a new generation of products. It will be most exciting, do join in!” REC General Director Veronika Nikishina said.

Forum’s program will feature workshops sharing know-how on how to organize exports and to find potential importers abroad. New business solutions will be presented, among them the “one-stop-shop” support system for exporters.

The “one-stop-shop” system has been developed in order to optimize the exports-related administrative workflow and to move the most needed support services online. The new system is expected to help cut down wait times as well as involved processing costs, according to REC.

The forum’s program will also include six round table discussions, a plenary session and an award ceremony for Russia’s best exporters of the year. To watch live broadcast, go to the forum’s official website at forum.exportcenter.ru/en/.