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HUAWEI HiAI Improves Browsing Experience Through New AppGallery- RT Partnership

HUAWEI HiAI Improves Browsing Experience Through New AppGallery- RT Partnership
Thanks to HUAWEI HiAI, Huawei’s artificial intelligence capability, AppGallery users can enjoy crisper images and a cleaner news-reading experience when using the newly listed RT app.

RT (Russia Today), the Russian global news TV channel, has released its app on AppGallery, giving Huawei smartphone users access to one of the world’s leading news sources.

RT is a round-the-clock news network and multi-media outlet with a truly global audience. Boasting eight TV channels, the network also offers digital platforms in six different languages and broadcasts to a weekly viewership of 100 million in 47 of the 100+ countries where RT is available. RT is the first TV news network to reach 10 billion views on YouTube.

The app allows users to get the latest updates on breaking and developing stories, browse articles on a range of issues from around the world, and watch the latest video news content.

Listing on AppGallery will help RT reach new readers and viewers across AppGallery’s 420 million monthly active users and the 170 countries and regions it’s available in.

“We live in an increasingly global and interconnected world, and technology should be used to keep people well-connected and even better informed. Having RT available on AppGallery provides a great opportunity for people around the world to keep up-to-date with the most important global issues and developments,” Anna Belkina, RT’s Deputy Editor in Chief, said.


Listing with AppGallery also enabled RT to bring users a truly superior news experience, by integrating Huawei’s innovative artificial intelligence capability, HUAWEI HiAI. HUAWEI HiAI is a three-layer open platform that integrates device, chip, and the cloud to deliver optimized experiences for users, and enables developers to create more intelligent and powerful apps. On the RT app, HUAWEI HiAI enables on-device processing to improve image resolution by up to nine times, even when the user is in an area with poor network coverage.

“If you’re browsing the internet in an area with poor connectivity, such as on the subway or in an office building, you often find pictures don’t load properly or aren’t clear. Downloading the RT app through AppGallery ensures the app will be integrated with HUAWEI HiAI, meaning users will enjoy a cleaner interface and better browsing experience,” Anna Belkina said.

On top of this, the HUAWEI HiAI technology helps reduce storage and network traffic, as the images that are transferred to Huawei devices are compressed at a high ratio and can later be decompressed.

RT’s app also integrates several of Huawei’s other innovative chip, device and cloud capabilities to ensure users are given the best possible news experience. For example, Huawei’s Analytics Kit provides useful insights and real-time data on user behavior and monitors app performance, allowing RT to better analyze how people are consuming news and enabling RT to meet users’ needs in a constantly evolving news market. Other kits integrated on the RT app include the Push Kit, which enables instant messaging about updates and notifications, and the Ads kit, which helps ensure ads are high quality and personalized, and therefore less intrusive.


Huawei constantly works on collaborations with the world’s top app developers to create quality apps, and RT’s is one of the latest of over 60,000 apps that have utilized Huawei’s advanced technologies and on-device capabilities to deliver superior services and enhanced user experiences.

All applications developed in collaboration with Huawei, along with thousands of other quality apps, are available on Huawei’s open and secure app distribution platform, AppGallery. As one of the top three app marketplaces globally, AppGallery connects 650 million users to Huawei’s smart and innovative ecosystem.

AppGallery provides users with more choice and better app discovery options, with thousands of apps across 18 categories, including news, social media, entertainment, and more.

To download the RT news app, visit AppGallery now. For more information, please visit