US boots on the run around in Syria & ‘yes’ means ‘yes’ with Jessica Drake (E121)

In this episode of “Watching the Hawks” Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace discuss US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter’s new plan for direct action against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq that includes US boots on the ground. Following this, the team delves into the FBI’s investigation into the owners of Hobby Lobby’s allegedly illegal acquisition of ancient tablets from Iraq for their billion dollar Museum of the Bible. Tyrel then brings us a startling discovery of just how much we are what we eat when it comes to hot dogs. Next sex educator and adult film star Jessica Drake enters the Hawks Nest to discuss California’s new sexual consent laws and the importance of honest sexual education. RT Correspondent Brigida Santos brings us a report on the current scientific argument over when the next massive earthquake will hit southern California, and finally Tabetha Wallace brings us a look at The American Society for Microbiology’s first-ever Agar Art contest, where bacteria is the paint on the canvass.

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