Episode 012

The massacre of 14 unarmed demonstrators by British paratroopers on the streets of Derry in northern Ireland 42 years ago this week resulted in the longest and most expensive public inquiry in UK history. Britain's most celebrated human rights lawyer, Michael Mansfield QC, represented many of the families who lost loved ones on Bloody Sunday and he joins George and Gayatri to discuss the harrowing experience of those families and the moment they were finally able to put the record straight.

And in part two, we take a look at Ukraine with regional expert Neil Clark. It’s Europe's most explosive flashpoint and western governments are doing everything they can, literally, to fan the flames. If these things were happening in their own countries, they’d “unleash the dogs of war” instead of cheering on the Molotov cocktail shakers. Join Sputnik to find out who really is taking to the streets in Kiev in this week’s episode of ‘Sputnik: Orbiting the World’ with George Galloway.

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