Episode 011

The Geneva 2 Talks seem to have gone down the wrong track before it has even got off the ground. For a start it began an hour away in Montreux. And one of the most important players in the Syrian drama - Iran - has been barred from attending. Respected Iraqi political exile, Dr Sami Ramadani, knows a lot about foreign-backed invasions, so we invited him into the studio to talk about Syria .

In part two we were expecting to talk to Tory MP Mark Pritchard, an intelligence and security expert, about Edward Snowden's bid to run for the ancient post of rector of Glasgow University, one of the oldest and best in the world. Previous incumbents include the brave Jewish whistleblower, Mordacai Vanunu, as well as Winnie Mandela. However, Mark Pritchard MP was on another mission so we did the interview undercover. Find out how by watching this week's show.

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