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26 Mar, 2022 06:55

Too rational questions? (E428)


When US President Joe Biden described Russia as having its ‘back to the wall’ in Ukraine and possibly contemplating an attack using Weapons of Mass Destruction, nobody asked how Russia has its back to the wall. Still less how a WMD incident could possibly get its back away from the wall. That would be a far too rational question to ask. Given the history of American false flags from the Gulf of Tonkin through to the War on Terror, the rational assumption was the Goebellian one – accuse your enemy of that which you intend to do. The inference has clearly been made from Washington and NATO that such a WMD event would be a ‘red line’. The distinguished academic and co-founder of Spinwatch, Professor David Miller, who helped expose false-flag attacks in Syria, examines the latest developments.

This week, in a cruel yet pathetic series of spiteful decisions, the British authorities sought to spoil the wedding of journalist and publisher Julian Assange and his new bride Stella, the mother of the couple’s two young children. It was degrading, diminishing. Not for the world’s most famous prisoner, but for the British. One man who has carried the banner of press freedom and liberty high in the United States is a friend of the couple, American artist and host of Assange Countdown to Freedom, Randy Credico. He joins us to discuss the plight of the WikiLeaks publisher.

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