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12 Mar, 2022 06:52

End of Western domination? (E426)


Some 500 years of Western domination is rapidly coming to a close, accelerated by the great decoupling underway due to events in Ukraine. The West should remember that it constitutes just 10% of the population of the world, though history has taught that 10% to believe they are the international community. In truth, the West is the periphery of the new Eurasia. Joining us now is a leading theorist of these tectonic changes, Professor Glenn Diesen of the University of South-Eastern Norway.

There’s no longer a pretense in European countries, let alone North America, that this is not a NATO-Russian confrontation in Ukraine. European countries in particular are stuffing mercenaries and high-tech weapons into a non-NATO country resisting the very country that NATO was set up to confront. Full-scale economic warfare has been unleashed against Russia, whose minimal demands in the words of Sergey Lavrov have been rejected. We’ve asked a veteran war journalist, Elijah Magnier, from the heart of the European Union, to explain more about the situation.

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