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Russian elections and breast cancer awareness week (E404)

Last week, we took a deep dive into the German elections and everything we predicted came to pass: Angela Merkel could well still be in office this time next year when negotiations are finally concluded – if they ever are. This week, we examine the Russian elections – largely because nobody else has. And here’s the reason why: the vast majority of Russian voters prefer either President Vladimir Putin or the Communist Party of Russia. So, the oracle of all things Russian, Bryan MacDonald, our RT colleague based in Moscow, joined Sputnik to shed light on events there.

There was profound sadness throughout the land when Sarah Hardy of Girls Aloud died of breast cancer at just 39 years of age. October is breast cancer awareness month, so we are doing everything we can to draw attention to this killer. Early diagnosis is crucial and Rebecca Hartley, a survivor of breast cancer herself, now travels around the country alerting women of its importance and how to look out for the first signs. She joined Sputnik to tell us about her inspirational story and the work she now does.

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