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27 Mar, 2021 11:55

The Big Apple and the Red Planet (E377)

The cultural significance of the Big Apple should not be understated, featuring heavily in music, television, and film. From Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’ to Alicia Keys’ ‘Empire State of Mind’, it’s the concrete jungle where dreams are made. But how has the city fared during the coronavirus pandemic? Last year, Pulitzer fellow and New Yorker Kayla Popuchet joined Sputnik to give us a first-hand account of the situation ‘across the pond.’ Since then, homelessness has risen still further, there has been a spike in attacks on Asian Americans, and Governor Cuomo is facing a string of sexual assault allegations. So, we invited Kayla back onto the show to give us a whistle-stop overview of affairs from the Big Apple.

For years, humanity has dreamed of exploring the solar system. As the years have gone on and technology has evolved, we’ve sent humans to the Moon and robots to Mars, so what next? Well, there are plans for five cities to be built on the Red Planet, according to the Mars Society. But is it all just some wild fantasy for the rich and famous? Will humans ever really be able to live anywhere other than Earth, or could it actually be viable to create livable conditions on Mars within our lifetime? We invited author, cosmologist, and futurist Keith Mansfield to join us on Sputnik to answer those very questions.

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