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Peru in crisis and all change in Africa (E359)

The whole of Latin and South America has been in convulsion throughout the last few years, particularly during the era of Donald Trump; Nicaragua, Bolivia, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina and now, the latest, Peru, have all been destabilized by either social inequalities, dictatorships, corruption – most often by all three. 

In Peru, there have been three presidents of the republic in a single week, and now the matter has been referred back to the Congress where half of the members are themselves facing corruption charges. But those familiar with Peru are not surprised when the country has so many extraordinary social disparities and injustices. In Lima, a third of the population does not have access to clean water and the vast majority live in desperate conditions. Ollie Vargas is a journalist based in Bolivia, but he came onto the show to tell us not only about the current situation in Peru but also to update on the situation across the continent.

It is not just in Latin America where political convulsions erupted in the Trump era. In Africa, war rages once again in Ethiopia, albeit under a very different government to the one of the 80s, but it is the same conflicts which persist. And in Sudan, there has been yet another convulsion as the former Islamist-led country granted recognition and exchanged diplomats with the State of Israel as part of the Trump process which guided Bahrain and United Arab Emirates in the same direction. Ahmed Kaballo is a journalist who has just returned from Khartoum where he met some of the leading people in the transitional government. We spoke to him about what he saw there as well as his thoughts on the future for Africa as a whole.

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