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10 Oct, 2020 10:32

Chavismo in Africa and a new world dystopia (E353)

Eight years ago, in October 2012, Hugo Chavez won his final victory in Venezuela. Even though he won more elections than most he was, nonetheless, still deemed a dictator and designated as an extraordinary threat by the United States. ‘Chavismo’ as a political philosophy has long been a target for sanctions by the US and its Western allies, who regard a redistributive policy as a bribe for votes. But this meddling goes far beyond South America, with US sponsored campaigns around the world. In a new book by Professor Justin Podur of York University in Canada, US intervention in the internal affairs of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo is examined and discussed. He joined Sputnik to tell us just how great these countries could have been without this external interference.

A new audio book that looks at a dystopian near future is a gripping bitcoin allegory set in a world of techno anarchists and activists fighting an overbearing State and looming authoritarianism. The book is also an examination of the dilemmas and debates surrounding new technology, and of whether it is a force for good or a force for evil. Dominic Frisby is the author and narrator of “Shadow Punk Revolution”; he has also written about “wokism” which, he says, has been facilitated by new technology and the internet, so we invited him onto Sputnik to tell us more about his visions of the future.

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