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Life after Labour and Press Freedom (E340)

Just a year ago, he was one of the best-known, most often referred-to Labour Member of Parliament. Now, Chris Williamson is no longer an MP and, even more surprising, he is no longer a member of an organisation he joined in 1976. But losing the parliamentary platform has not curtailed his campaigning. He is involved in many grassroots activities including raising legal funding for the many other former Labour Party members who were suspended and subsequently expelled from the party and want to clear their names. So, just how is Chris Williamson, formerly MP for Derby North, adjusting to life after 44 years in the party?

Is Julian Assange the most famous ignored political prisoner on the planet? In the UK maybe but not by the rest of the world’s media. Of course, there is, without doubt, journalistic interest in his case here in the UK but this does not appear to be reflected in newspapers or the broadcast media. While he awaits extradition proceedings to the United States, it is clear what is happening to Julian Assange is a major attack on press freedom and any trial will make up a very large chapter in the history of freedom of speech. One man who has continued to raise the banner is Vaughan Smith, founder of the Frontline Club and a good friend of Julian Assange. Vaughan joined Sputnik from his home in Norfolk, where Julian Assange spent his bail time way back in 2010.

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