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1 Feb, 2020 10:09

Kushner Plan and vegan future (E317)

“It’s the Deal of the Century,” says President Donald Trump, one of the greatest salesmen in history. “A final chance for the Palestinians to secure statehood,” says Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and officially, at least, the author of ‘the Deal’. Three Arab states sent their ambassadors along: Bahrain, Oman, and the UAE, the rest stayed away. And the king of Saudi Arabia, contrary to what Trump claimed, told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that Saudi Arabia’s attitude to the Israel-Palestine question remained unchanged. No Palestinian was at the launch and none was involved in drawing up the plan. So, we invited David Hearst, formerly of the Guardian, now editor in-chief of Middle East Eye, into the studio to find out whether the 180 pages of Kushner’s plan was ‘the Deal of the Century’ or ‘the Steal of the Century’.

Veganism is the new cool – from fast food takeaways to Michelin star restaurants around the world, vegan alternatives are being reflected on their menus. But, you know a cuisine has truly gone mainstream when a Yorkshire restauranteur with a list of awards as long as his tattooed arms begins to carve out a niche offering vegan haute cuisine alongside a sirloin. Matt Healy is a Celebrity Chef finalist and owner of the Best Restaurant in Leeds by the Yorkshire Evening Post in the Oliver Awards. His restaurant is also vegan friendly, very friendly, so, we invited him into the studio to ask whether veganism is a fad or the future.

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