Venezuela, the Labour Party and… the Oscars (E267)

These are tumultuous times at home and abroad; from Brexit and the never-ending path of “meaningful” votes to the Venezuelan miseria amid US sanctions, protests, propaganda and threats of illegal regime change. And most recently we hear new rumblings about the end of the Corbyn era and a possible breakaway party. To help us survey this tempestuous landscape, we invited the parliamentarian de nos jours, Labour MP for Derby North Chris Williamson.

There’s Grammys, Emmys, Bafta’s, even Raspberries – none of them come close to the kudos of getting an Oscar. But has Tinseltown lost its sparkle? From Harvey Weinstein through to Kevin Spacey and now the unlikeliest source of embarrassment – Liam Neeson. Has there ever been a better time to remind ourselves that Hollywood role models are in short supply? So, we invited the doyenne of show business news, author, journalist and broadcaster, Caroline Frost, to help us shift through the wreckage of Hollywood’s reputation and ask whether there is anything left to salvage.

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