Brexit chaos and memories of Cuba (E263)

Don’t speak too soon because the wheel’s still in spin but it looks like Theresa May and her government have survived the greatest parliamentary defeat in Britain’s history. The prime minister must return to the House on Monday for yet another ‘meaningful vote,’ though what that will mean still remains to be seen. We might be leaving the EU without a deal or we might not be leaving it at all. Helping us make sense of it all is the former Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik.

And memories of Havana… The outgoing Pakistani ambassador to Cuba came into the studio to tell us of his experiences there and the close links which the two countries enjoyed. He’s also lived through many tumultuous times in Pakistan’s surrounding regions too. So, now as he finally says ‘goodbye’ to his role in Havana, Kamran Shafi, journalist, diplomat and soon to be author, joined us to tell us more.

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