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24 Nov, 2018 13:01

Brexit ‘Right Deal’ and traitors of WWII (E255)

Theresa May says she has now concluded the ‘right deal for Britain’ on its exit from the EU, but will it pass muster even in the Conservative Party, not to mention the DUP, Labour, and the House of Commons as a whole? Could she have laboured mightily to bring forth a mouse which will shortly be trodden underfoot; are we all in the European equivalent of the ‘Hotel California’ where we can check out but never leave? Patrick Christys is a livewire reporter who has been following the story from the frontline right from the first, so we invited him into the studio to tell us what he’s seen in the trenches.

Collaborators rarely prospered in Europe after Hitler’s defeat; not so in Britain where the class system ensured all but anonymity for the massed ranks of traitors. Declassified files reveal the full extent of the treachery and tell of coup d’etat plots, convictions, death penalties, and internments. Tim Tate’s book ‘Hitler’s British Traitors’ brings them to light nearly 70 years after World War II, so we invited him into the studio to tell us more.

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