Episode 236

When one empire compares notes with another, it becomes quite a charge sheet. That’s what’s happening in the current tour, Imperialism on Trial, which analyses the greatest threats to humanity at the moment. One of the star speakers is the co-author (with Oliver Stone) of ‘The Untold History of the US’, the mega series of books and films charting the rise and rise of the American empire and how its true nature was disguised. So, we invited the esteemed professor of history at Rutgers University, Peter Kuznick, into the Sputnik studio to give us his insights.

And, events are moving so fast on the British political scene this week the mainstream media can barely keep up: a government falling apart, Brexit proposals painstakingly put together amidst the splendor of Chequers just a week ago, now looking not quite so splendid. Better then to step back and take an academic overview of where Britain stands at the moment. So, we asked the don of European politics and foreign affairs at King’s College London and an associate fellow at Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Professor Anand Menon, to give us his expert opinion and analysis of a political scene in flux.

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