Episode 233

Jason Jones, the legendary gay rights campaigner, has won some epic battles for equality in the Caribbean and elsewhere. He led the LGBT decriminalization campaign in Trinidad and Tobago, which resulted in victory earlier this year. He is now concentrating his formidable firepower on events at the US border with Mexico, which has resulted in much wailing and gnashing of teeth across formerly hard-hearted America and beyond. So, we invited him into the Sputnik studio to discuss the “othering” of minorities and the disenfranchised.

Officially, Cuban hero Fernando Gonzalez was a prisoner of the US for 15 long years. His crime? Fighting terrorism – not of the bearded Tora-Bora types – but more of the gold-toothed Miami type, which targeted Cuba just 90 miles away. They tried hundreds of times to assassinate Fidel Castro – hijacked civilian airliners, placed bombs in Cuban hotel foyers, and much more. So, along with four compatriots, he was sent to monitor, disrupt, and thwart such terrorism – a legal obligation after all – but instead, he was locked up in the land of the free. Now a newly elected member of the National Assembly, and head of the International Committee uniting all Cuban solidarity campaigns around the world, he came into the Sputnik studio to tell us what’s next for Cuba.

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