Episode 231

Fifty years ago this week, Robert Francis Kennedy (the best president the US never had) was murdered, assassinated in a hotel kitchen. He had been celebrating his victory in the California race to be the Democratic Party nominee to replace Lyndon B. Johnson as the president of the United States. Johnson had become president in the first place upon the assassination of Robert Kennedy’s elder brother, President John F. Kennedy. Nobody of a certain age or, certainly, nobody of a particular heritage will ever forget neither where they were when news of each murder came through, nor forget the pain. Just like the first Kennedy assassination, most people smelt a rat in the case of Robert Kennedy – the official narrative just somehow didn’t ring true. Since then, more than 2,000 books have been written about John F. Kennedy. However, the assassination five years later of Bobby has been scrutinized much less. That is, until one of the books of the decades was published. In this very special edition of Sputnik, we invited award-winning journalist and co-author of ‘The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy’ Tim Tate into the Sputnik studio to tell us of his 25-year investigation into the murder, including an examination of logistics, pathology, and ballistics, as well as the politics, which have always been much more problematic than those surrounding the killing of John F. Kennedy.

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