Episode 227

The government narrowly survived an opposition bid to force them to implement David Cameron’s commitment to the second raft of media law reforms as recommended by Lord Leveson. The Leveson report was a response to public outcry at the extent of the morally questionable, and potentially-illegal, conduct by Britain’s notorious tabloids, as well as broadsheet publications. So, we invited John Ford, an ex-“blagger” for the Sunday Times, into the studio to tell us how the “dark art” of blagging was incorporated in the arsenal of immoral media activities that were revealed by Leveson report.

Darren Stanton is a human lie detector. He has spent most of his life dealing with liars, cheats and criminals – and before that he was a police officer. Now he deals with politicians and public figures. And through forensic investigation of what they say and how they say it – and even how they stand while they’re saying it – he produces impressively accurate insight to their characters. So, we invited him on to the show to help us detect the “red flags” we should all look out for.

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