Episode 224

Now we know (at least for now) that the Novichok (or related agent) was delivered, neither via food, Yulia Skripal’s luggage, through the air vents of Mr. Skripal’s car, nor by gel, but in liquid form on a doorknob. Salisbury will require a multi-million-pound clean up. It could take months to decontaminate the center and police say this is one of the largest and most complex investigations undertaken by British counter-terrorism police. So, who better to invite into the Sputnik studio than David Videcette, a bestselling crime fiction writer who draws on his extensive experience as a counter-terrorism expert at Scotland Yard to give us his thoughts on the massive police operation underway in Salisbury.

John Booth was the Labour Party’s press officer – as they were quaintly called back in the day – on the cusp of the Tony Blair/Peter Mandelson takeover of the People’s Party. But he was a real Labour man, and so obviously had no future in New Labour as it then was. There was bitter infighting at the top of the Labour Party – imagine that – and the press officer was pressed out. Since then he has worked for the Washington Post, and continues to write and campaign. So, we invited John into the Sputnik studio to tell us not least of all how his sacking resulted in the pulping of Peter Mandelson’s memoirs.

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