Episode 222

It is not an exaggeration to say that there is a state of crisis in British democracy and in the relationship between the country and its mass media; particularly, state broadcaster the BBC, which everyone in Britain is obliged to pay for on pain of imprisonment. However, it is the relationship to her Majesty’s Official Opposition, which is if anything, becoming more acute by the day. Both government and the media are treating the opposition leader as if he was a criminal rather than, as the constitution requires, the alternative Prime Minister. There is also a huge swath of opposition MPs who seem to think and act as if Jeremy Corbyn was a criminal too. One man charting this is Steve Topple, one of the brightest stars in the new media firmament from one of the best alternative media platforms, The Canary. So, we invited him to join us in the Sputnik studio.

And the fiasco of the British government’s handling of the Salisbury spy poisoning affair is now familiar enough and not just to the viewers of RT. After momentarily being caught like rabbits in headlights, the government and its media, particularly The Times (the vanguard of anti-Russian news) are back on the front foot. It was the Russians that did it, they still claim. The Times even go so far as to claim they know exactly which test tubes were used. So, who better to invite into the Sputnik studio and help delve deeper into this Salem witchcraft affair than independent researcher David Morrison – a man with a long track record of smelling and finding rats in many official stories.

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