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27 Jan, 2018 11:30

Episode 212

UKIP, without whom there would never have been a referendum on the EU, began the descent to tragedy then farce almost immediately; the morning after the night before, their finest hour. But this is surely their darkest hour. The disgraceful conduct of their leader Henry Bolton, running off with a 25-year-old glamour model, was only the start of it. When her very ugly racist views emerged, UKIP and even Bolton had to ditch her (although he is STILL being photographed with her despite the trouble she's caused). Resignations and calls for him to demit office followed. Bolton himself seemed to be the only person who still had full confidence in Henry Bolton. Extraordinarily though, he has secured the support of the only Kipper who really matters, Nigel Farage (who has in turn denied earlier reports that he and Arron Banks intend to set up a NEWKIP). The plot thickens. So we invited the rising star writer for Westmonster, Patrick Christys, to tell us just what is what going in their hood.

Without the windy city of Chicago there would have been no house music. And without Marshall Jefferson nobody outside of Chicago would ever have heard of it. Ghetto house, acid house, deep house, Chicago house, these were styles which went from an underground subculture in the USA to being part of the mainstream music scene today. In the 80s, the genre swept the world and nowhere more ecstatically was it embraced than in England, where house music really got a grip. So much so that Jefferson, one of its founding fathers, stayed and played on in the haciendas of Manchester. So we enticed him away from the decks and onto the Sputnik sofa to tell us more.

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